Honoring Leo J. Kelly in his retirement

Clinical Coordinator

Pathologists' Assistant Program

Quinnipiac University

Leo Kelly is a Clinical Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences and the Clinical Coordinator for the Pathologists’ Assistant Program at Quinnipiac University. He graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Biology from Central Connecticut State College and a Master’s of Health Science degree as a Physician Assistant in Pathology from Quinnipiac College. 

Leo regularly teaches graduate courses in Microscopic Anatomy, Basic Human Pathology I & II, Applied Anatomic Pathology, Autopsy Pathology and Surgical Pathology at Quinnipiac in addition to his responsibilities as Clinical Coordinator. 

Leo J. Kelly has taught for the Pathologists’ Assistant program as both academic instructor and clinical preceptor for more than 46 years and has been the Clinical Coordinator at Quinnipiac since 1973. 

It is the end of an era, as many Quinnipiac University grads see it. 

In addition to Leo's astounding contribution to the Quinnipiac University Pathologists' Assistant program from its inception, Leo has positively influenced the lives and careers of so many Pathologists' Assistants far past their date of graduation. 

We would like to honor Leo J. Kelly in his retirement with a gift from all those who have had their lives and careers influenced by this extraordinary man.

Retirement Gift

In honor of Leo Kelly's retirement, we welcome you to share a few words in reflection of your experience with Leo over the years. These words will be compiled into a retirement gift presented to Leo at the PANE/MAPA 2019 meeting at Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston, MA on April 27th. This will be a small personal gift given in a very casual setting from all friends of Leo with no affiliation with Quinnipiac University or any particular organization. Online submission of kind words was decided upon as an accessible way to include anyone and everyone in on this small tribute to Leo.  From near or far, whether you know Leo personally or not, whether you attend this conference or not, we welcome your submission to have kind words collectively received by Leo.

Please click on the button below to send in your submission. Please share the link to this webpage to anyone and everyone you think may be interested in being a part of this small personal gift.

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